There are two different methods of mounting medals, court mounting and swing mounting. Court mounting – medals are secured to a stiff backing which is pinned to the jacket. Swing mounting – medals are secured to a medal bar and allowed to swing naturally.

When we mount medals, we use all new ribbons and a hand-made broach with a life-time warranty. Medals will be cleaned and clear coated to prevent tarnishing if required, this is included in the cost of mounting, and there are no hidden costs.



We can supply full-size and miniature ribbon for all Commonwealth military medals, plus other NATO member countries, The Royal Canadian Legion, Ladies’ Auxiliary, Cadet Corp., RCMP, Police Forces, all Province of Alberta medals, and on request other associations.

We also have WWI and WWII ribbon in stock, plus all other Canadian Campaign ribbon.


Miniature Medals

We carry stock of all miniature medals and miniature ribbons worn by Canadians, and foreign awards (British, American, and RCMP Jordanian).


Shadow Box

We mount medals for placement in a memory box using Velcro. We will also assist the customer in assembling their own personal memory box with suggestions on the placement of artifacts, photos, methods of securing items, etc. in their box.

Customers who choose a keepsake shadowbox will be passing down to future family members, a personal time capsule.

We Mount the Following Medals
  • Army, Navy, Air Force Associations
  • Korean War Veterans Association
  • Police & RCMP
  • Other associations on request
  • Commonwealth Military & Canadian Military
  • Royal Canadian Legion & Ladies Auxiliary
  • Cadet Corp

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